Which is more suitable: A 1800 number or a 1300 number?

The correct choice of a phone number for your organization is essential. It can produce valuable efficiencies and make it simpler for your customers to reach you.

Using 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers can provide your business with a much wider scope and recognition. They are virtual numbers, which means you can select where and how you route calls, providing numerous forms of call routing and distribution.

How the two numbers differ

1300 numbers allow the caller to pay the local call cost when they call your company from a landline in Australia.

1800 numbers make the call completely free for the caller when they call from a landline. These numbers are also known as toll-free numbers.

In simple terms, the cost of the call is shared between the caller and the business where 1300 numbers are concerned. The whole cost is borne by the business where the 1800 numbers are concerned.

When a 1300 number is suitable for you

  • Can your business afford the call costs entirely?If the financial capacity is restricted but you still want the benefit of a sophisticated phone number, the 1300 number is your best option.
  • Are your incoming calls landline-to-landline?If that is the case, then a 1300 number would be ideal.

When a 1800 number is suitable for you

  • Are you looking to expand your business?Investing in a 1800 number now will ensure calls are free for the caller and thus pull more customers towards your business. The extra cost of the 1800 number can be recovered faster.
  • Do you want to make it easy for customers to call you?If you are operating a call-centre or customer care service, then a 1800 number will increase the number of calls to your company.

Selecting the right number

Make sure you are selecting the right number if you are looking to have a smart number. Your chosen smart number may be available in 1800 and not in 1300 and vice versa.


It is important to do adequate research before deciding which number to go for either Using 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers.