Few Basic Properties of Piezoelectric Actuators

Over the last few decades piezoelectric materials have generated plenty of interest among researchers as few unconventional applications were found with the piezoelectric actuators.

Let us look at few basic properties of these piezo actuators multilayer in the following paragraphs –

  • Unlimited resolution

These actuators can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa and no friction or wear and tear is involved due to which it can be used for very precise measurement application

  • Compatible with vacuum and clean room

These actuators do not wear and tear and hence there is no need of lubrication. Also, there is no polymer coating on them and hence they are ideal for ultrahigh vacuum application.

  • High force generation

These actuators are can move several tons of load with a travel in the range of sub nanometer.

  • Operating voltage

There are two types of piezo electric actuators. The low voltage actuators work in the ranges of 0 to 130 volts and high voltage actuators work in the range of 1 KV.

  • Position resolution

Since there is no friction involved in these actuators and hence theoretically it has unlimited resolution. However, in reality its resolution is based on electrical or mechanical factors.

  • No wear and tear

Its movement is based on crystalline solid-state dynamics which has no moving parts like gear or bearing and hence there is no wear and tear.

  • Low power consumption

It can hold very heavy load for long time by consuming almost no power.

  • No magnetic field

It only generates electric field and no magnetic field is generated.

  • Very quick response

Response time in the range of microseconds.

  • Operating temperature

It can operate at very low temperature ranges.